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Marv Marinovich

Marv studied Eastern Bloc training methods and was hired by Oakland Raiders owner, Al Davis, as one of the NFL’s first strength-and-conditioning coaches. Marinovich learned to focus more on training for speed and flexibility, and much of his work became the basis for modern core- and swimming-pool-based conditioning programs. He later worked for the NFL’s St. Louis Cardinals, and then the Hawaiians of the World Football League. He later opened his own athletic research center, and began applying these techniques. His training methods have developed what is now Marinovich Training System where elite performance is the goal for an athlete.

Gary Marinovich

Gary is a gifted multi-sport athlete who was drafted by the Cleveland Browns and who later became head coach of the Bishop Amat High School football team, leading them to the California state championship. He was also head football coach at Crespi High School in Los Angeles and an assistant football coach at San Diego State University.  Gary has learned and developed Marinovich Training systems from his brother Marv Marniovich. Between the brothers they have trained many high level athletes of various sports over the course of there lives.


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