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Marinovich Training Systems is the unique system of five decades of diligent research and the continued pursuit of athletic excellence by renowned sports enhancement specialist and former NFL player and conditioning coach Marv Marinovich.

Sky's The Limit

The goal of this cutting-edge training is to raise the athlete’s Physical IQ, or Performance Quotient, by developing sports-relevant strength and technical mastery through precision of movement, the intensification of key joint actions, and the refinement of the body’s kinesthetic sensory system.

Core Elements

Our Tools

Marinovich Training Systems is a scientifically-based program that defines what constitutes excellence in athletic performance, remediates the athlete’s deficiencies and imbalances, and challenges the body to excel through a stimulating multi-modality approach.

Our Results

The results transform the body with superior nervous system functioning. This becomes the critical component which produces dramatic improvement in sports speed, power, quickness, grace, sports-specific skill and overall athleticism.

Our Athletes

The System’s intense study of sports science in the United States and abroad has helped professional and collegiate sports athletes deliver phenomenal results.


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